Jungle Talks has developed the Pro Manager Mastercourse to facilitate the training of top talents in international horticulture in the Netherlands. The focus lies on horticultural managers between 25 and 40 years old who are working at future-proof companies of floricultural products and vegetables around the world. The candidates probably enter the board of directors of their company within 5 years from now and are characterized as the future ‘Captains of Industy’. During their stay in the Netherlands, these young managers visit renowned companies in the Dutch horticultural sector. Specific themes are being used to introduce various issues, trends and developments to these managers and they are being introduced at board of director’s level in leading companies in the Netherlands.

Jungle Talks is the connecting and facilitating link of the Pro Manager Mastercourse, the leading Dutch companies sponsor the participation of the talented young managers and their training in the Netherlands. In November 2018, the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture took place, specifically aimed at talent in international floriculture. In February 2019 the next Pro Manager Mastercourse concentrated on the international vegetable sector. In June 2019, we organized our first Pro Manager Mastercourse focused on Medicinal Cannabis. Please find more information about the Pro Manager Mastercourses via the links published below.
After a 2,5 year pause, in June 2022 a new and successful edition of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture took place, coinciding with GreenTech and Flower Trials. In 2023 the Mastercourse Floriculture took place in January, coinciding with the IPM in Essen. We'rre currently preparing another Mastercourse Floriculture for January 2024, which will again take place in the Netherlands and Germany (IPM Essen)

Are you interested in participating in the Pro Manager Mastercourse (as sponsor or as participating manager)? Please contact us!

Mastercourse Floriculture November 2024
This year is a special one, with not 1 but 2 Mastercourses Floriculture! We're currently promoting and selecting candidates for our newest Mastercourse taking place from 28 October - 8 November, coiciding with the IFTF and Aalsmeer Trade Fair. Interested to apply? Download the brochure here

Mastercourse Floriculture 2024 
We're currently preparing the Mastercourse Floriculture 2024 and were able to bring together a great group of participants again. You can read more about them here

Mastercourse Floriculture 2023 From 16-27 January our latest edition of the Mastercourse Floriculture took place. Check out our selected participants here and the full course program here

Mastercourse Floriculture 2022
From June 6-17 a brandnew edition of the Mastercourse Floriculture 2022 took place. Check out the participant overview here and the full program of the course here

Mastercourse Vegetables 2020
Download the flyer with the final program here! We selected another international group of highly motivated managers, check them out here! For a short impression on our Mastercourse Vegetables, our partner Ridder made this video on last year's edition of the course. 

Mastercourse Floriculture 2019
Download the program of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture, which took place in October-November 2019 (pdf)
Want to know who we finally selected? Check out our participant's compilation here
On July 11 we organized an informative webinar on this upcoming Mastercourse, you can watch and listen to the recording here. In addition, check out
our short video here!  

Mastercourse Medicinal Cannabis 2019
Download the flyer including the detailed program of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Medicinal Cannabis, that took place in June 2019 (pdf)

Mastercourse Vegetables 2019
Download the flyer including the program of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetables, that took place in February 2019 (pdf)

Download the participants list and participant profiles of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Vegetables (pdf)

Mastercourse Floriculture 2018

Download the participants list and participant profiles of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture (pdf)

Download the flyer including the program of the Pro Manager Mastercourse Floriculture, that took place in November 2018 (pdf)