Leaders Leagues

Horticultural entrepreneurs from all over the world are often facing the same challenges. Under the pretext of ‘together you are stronger’, Jungle Talks took the initiative to bring together leading producers of all continents in exclusive and inspiring study clubs. The goal of these clubs is to make the horticultural sector sexy. Participants to these clubs take their responsibility and are frontrunners in the business. Other goals are setting up joint project, sharing knowledge and information within a product group and share knowledge and information with interesting external parties, such as students or entrepreneurs from other industries.

Participants mainly compile their own agenda, but focus on macro themes. Main focus remains to inspire and inform each other and to also find that inspiration off the beaten track. This happens by way of digital contact (e.g. webinars), but also to actually get together once a year and visit companies within and outside of the sector the participants are active in.

At this moment there’s already an international study club Phalaenopsis, Global Orchid Growers, consisting of 10 entrepreneurs, representing various continents. In addition, Jungle Talks is working on setting up similar clubs in cut flowers and vegetable production. All participants to these groups are future proof and are trendsetters within their product group. The size of the company does not necessarily make the company eligible to participate. Companies are represented by one specific representative on director level and membership is not transferable.

Jungle Talks is the initiator of international study clubs and is the linking pin between the participants. Jungle Talks also facilitates meetings (digital and face to face) between the participants throughout the year.

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