Jungle Talks

The horticultural sector is on the threshold of disruptive change. The sector offers solutions to various of the important challenges the world is now facing, like the world food problem and sustainable production of agricultural products. Crossovers are always an important source of inspiration and innovation and Jungle Talks operates precisely on the interface between sectors. Jungle Talks is both the digital and physical platform that connects the horticultural sector and the outside world.

Jungle Talks strives to be a decisive factor in the world wide horticultural web. It is the partner behind the scenes which delivers content and connects parties on all levels and around the world, by organising webinars, trade missions, study clubs and trainings. The activities of Jungle Talks are being initiated, developed and executed by Ed Smit and Renee Snijders. Ed and Renee literally live and work in the jungle in Costa Rica, which explains the name Jungle Talks. The jungle is also the place where ‘biology’ is everywhere and where today’s horticulture has its roots. This is exactly the reason why the horticultural sector is able to return to its roots: sustainable production. The perfect breeding ground for Steve Jobs vision: I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology.
Jungle Talks also symbolizes that the world has become flat and that international horticultural issues can be discussed from the jungle of Costa Rica. Nowadays everybody communicates with everybody and Jungle Talks facilitates this communication.


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