What are Jungle Talks – webinars?

A webinar is a seminar, workshop, lecture or similar kind of knowledge transfer via the internet. Participants can follow this presentation directly on their own computer from any location and see and hear the presenters. Participants can also ask questions to the presenters or guest speakers or actively engage in a discussion. Jungle Talks – webinars focus on current issues in horticulture and work with themes such as entrepreneurships, sustainability, internationalisation and recruitment. Jungle Talks – webinars are accessible in various ways: guest speakers have the chance to reach a broad audience, while this same audience gets the opportunity to get in direct contact with unique industry leaders in international horticulture.

Why do we organize webinars?

The horticultural sector is about to enter a unprecedented period of disruptive changes. At the same time, the sector offers solutions to various challenges the world is currently facing: the world food problem and sustainable production. Apple-founder Steve Jobs already said: I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. No other sector is operating more closely on the interface of technology and biology as the horticultural sector. By way of (interactive) webinars Jungle Talks wants to be thedigital platform that connects the international horticultural sector among itself and with the outside world. Jungle Talks is the behind-the-scenes operator which connects parties on all levels and from all countries and delivers the content that is needed.

How to participate to a webinar?

Everyone can participate to a Jungle Talks – webinars, they are always free of charge. We use the online tools of GoToWebinar.com for our webinars. Jungle Talks – webinars are timely announced via social media, external media and our own digital newsletter. Registration is compulsory to get access to the online webinar module. Registered participants receive reminders per email, keep them informed on the up and coming webinar. Missed a webinar? All Jungle Talks – webinars are recorded and these sessions can be viewed via Jungletalks.com.

How to initiate a webinar?

Jungle Talks – webinars are being organised by Ed Smit and Renee Snijders (in Costa Rica) and Jacco Strating (in the Netherlands). The sessions take place in response to current developments or events, in relation to Jungle Talks trade missions or trainings or are initiated by a study club. In addition, Jungle Talks organises webinars commissioned by third parties. Companies and organisations interested in organising a (international) webinar via Jungle Talks can contact us. Please note that Jungle Talks – webinars do no focus on commercial products or goals. The sessions are inspirational and visionary and contribute in that way to the profile and image of the guest speaker and his or her company, but do never highlight specific products or services.

Watch/listen previous webinars

You find all previous Jungle Talks – webinars on this page. By clicking on the corresponding link, you can listen to the full session and watch the related presentation. During most Jungle Talks, participants can download various handouts. If you want to receive these additional documents as well, contact us.