Trade missions

Jungle Talks has its roots in the company Ideavelop, organizer of more than 40 trade missions to over 20 countries. Jungle Talks trade missions are characterized by a large degree of interaction between participants and local companies and entrepreneurs. Most trade missions have a thematic programme, but the visiting a trade fair or participating in a horticultural event may also lead to the organisation of a trip abroad.

Participants almost always recognize the interaction and close contact between participants as the main added value of a Jungle Talks trade mission. The organisers have ample experience in the markets they are visiting and their local knowledge shared with the participants, is of added value during the company visits, on the road and in the evenings in the restaurant or bar.

In 2018, 2 trade missions are planned, namely a trip to Colombia and Ecuador in September (in cooperation with Holland House Colombia) and a visit to Mexico and Guatemala (in cooperation with the Rabobank).