Jungle Talks

What are Jungle Talks?

  • Jungle Talks are webinars which explore and address current Dutch or global horticultural issues
  • Jungle Talks invites guests who qualify as trendsetting, transparent, distinctive, sincere, personal and passionate.
  • Jungle Talks can be attended for free
  • Jungle Talks are accessible; guests can reach a broad audience and that same audience can directly get in touch with the webinar guests  
  • Jungle Talks are a platform for knowledge transfer and exchange in which cross-fertilization between other sectors will become more and more important 

Why do we organize Jungle Talks?

The development of the Dutch horticultural sector is characterized by evolution instead of, like in many other sectors, revolution. Horticulture is a high tech business and the Dutch government labelled it a so-called ‘Top Sector’, but the average consumer does not know any of this. Food and water issues however will become more urgent with a fast growing global population and therefore the horticultural sector take the spotlight in the coming years. Today we live in a digital world and there are many tools which can help the horticultural sector to present and promote itself much better. As Jungle Talks we want to contribute to this goal.

Steve Jobs already said: I think the biggest innovations of the 21st century will be at the intersection of biology and technology. No other sector is currently operating so closely at the interface between technology and biology as the horticultural sector. ‘Jungle Talks’ want to contribute to the digital and boundless exchange of knowledge and information within, but also from outside the sector.  

In 2016 ‘Jungle Talks’ will be promoted within the horticultural sector itself, but we strive to discuss more issues that touch on other sectors and subjects and are aimed at consumers as well. We would like to see that everybody is proud on our innovative horticultural sector and indeed can see how the sector operates on the ever more important intersection of biology and technology. ‘Engagement‘ is the name of the game and Jungle Talks want to achieve this engagement throughout the horticultural chain.


Jungle Talks….really from the jungle?

Well it probably could not be more symbolic, but Jungle Talks are literally being organized from the Costa Rican jungle. The jungle is exactly where ‘biology’ is all around, while the current horticultural sector is based on advances technologies. Indeed the perfect breeding ground for what Steve Jobs had in mind. ‘Jungle Talks’ however also symbolize the ‘flat’ world in which it is perfectly possible to discuss Dutch and international horticultural issue from Costa Rica. Digital communication between people (everywhere on this world) is currently extremely easy.

Ideavelop Costa Rica S.A. is initiator and organizer of  Jungle Talks. We are a Dutch – Costa Rican consultancy firm and focus on (international) horticulture. ‘We build bridges between Latin America and the Netherlands’, we said ten years ago, now in 2016 we also do this digitally. Nothing new, Jungle Talks as such is a logical step in developing our company further. Ideavelop connects Ideas with Development and that is exactly what we do with our Jungle Talks as well.

Greetings from the jungle!

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